Office Nook Reveal

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be one of Weaber Lumber's Winter Brand Reps and they sent over these lovely weathered wall boards for me to use!
Before I received them I already knew I wanted to use them in my office nook. It was definitely dull, to say the least. Just look at it.
These wall boards were super simple to put up. I only needed three essential tools/materials to put up the wall.
2. Liquid Finish Nails/Caulk Gun
I used Mirror, Marble & Granite on the first half of my project because I had some leftover from a previous project, but if your buying something new I would suggest getting "Liquid Nails," good stuff!
The wall boards come ready out of the box, and each box covers 10 sq. ft. I used about 4 boxes of wall boards to cover my office nook wall.
Before starting your pallet wall, be sure to paint the wall black (or dark color) for small spaces between your boards. If you don't you will regret it!
After the wall is painted, fit and cut your wall board to size, apply some liquid nails to the back of your wall board and  nail it in place, its just that easy!
This project took about 2 1/2 hours (with breaks in between), so if your wondering if this is a project you can tackle, you can for sure!!
The Weaber Lumber wall boards are sole exclusively at Home Depot. If you'd like to purchase some check out this link and be sure to check out WEABER LUMBER's site HERE!
and finally lets check out the final office nook..
Office Nook Complete.
Today Only Savings from The Home Depot! While Supp

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